Zoomer Marketing is a Toronto based marketing consultancy that works with businesses to effectively reach Baby Boomers and Seniors.


Baby Boomers are now entering their retirement years and becoming Seniors at a rapid rate while redefining what it means to age in our society.


A Zoomer is a no-limits Baby Boomer who sees retirement as  a more energetic, new life

characterized by healthy living, travel,  spirituality, a high level of physical activity, a quest for further learning and who possesses technological and financial savvy.


Zoomer Marketing understands how to appeal to this diverse group that spans over 30 years. We deliver brand management, social media strategy and content creation that resonates with the young at heart.


Zoomer Marketing's expertise is data driven marketing with an integrated approach.

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We Drive Boomers

 to Your Business

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Zoomer Marketing Inc. Incorporated in November 2004